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OPC Servers

Automated Solutions offers reliable, cost effective OPC Data Access Servers.

Our servers are compatible with all OPC-DA Clients such as major HMI applications, SCADA systems, and custom built (VB, VC++, .NET, etc.) OPC Client applications.

Our unique read/write tag optimization algorithms provide very efficient data transfers between OPC Server and hardware devices

Refer to the table below for current OPC Server driver availability and detailed information for each driver.

Driver Availability

Click on a driver from the list below for more information

Individual Drivers Available
Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver for ControlLogix, CompacLogix, MicroLogix, SLC 500, PLC-5 Now
Modbus/TCP Client (Master) OPC Server Now
Modbus RTU & ASCII Master OPC Server Now
Acromag Modbus/TCP Client OPC Server Now

Key Benefits

  • Does not require any third party drivers
  • No limits on number of OPC Clients, Devices, or Items
  • Can be run as a standard executable, in the system tray, or in unattended mode (no login required)
  • Licensing can be accomplished via web, telephone, or email
  • Supports OPC Custom and Automation Interfaces
  • Explorer style user interface for configuring channels, devices, and tags
  • Event viewer for diagnostics and error reporting
  • Supports local or network data access using DCOM
  • Supports self registration and tag browsing
  • CSV export and import capability
  • Simulation mode allows for testing your OPC client connection without target PLC
  • Extensive context sensitive help system
  • No Hardware Keys - Software licensing mechanism is simple and intuitive
  • 30-day trial version can be converted to full product via Internet or phone


OPC DA Servers are in Final Release Status. No feature, controller, operating system, or OPC Client compatibility updates are planned.

Operating System

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 8.x
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008