Custom Software Development Services

Custom software for Industrial Communications and Process Automation

Custom Software Development Services

Automated Solutions offers custom programming services for industrial quality applications and libraries.

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  • Windows applications
  • Linux applications
  • Web applications
  • Control, component, class library
  • Client/Server
  • Gateway, Data Logging and HMI/SCADA applications
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Key Benefits

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Customized to meet your specific needs

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Reduces cost per deployment

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Simplifies training

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Saves time and resources

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Provides a competitve advantage

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Can be modified and/or expanded

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Integrates with existing solutions

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Improves performance

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Simplifies installation

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Custom Gateway and Data Logging Applications

Need to interface two or more endpoints? We have experience in building applications to interface PLC’s, instrumentation, cloud and database.

Sometimes, off-the-shelf applications are too costly or don’t meet your requirements. Custom data logging applications can be more cost effective than off-the-shelf software, especially when deploying to multiple PC’s. We have experience in building applications that implement custom logic to meet your exact specifications.

Are you an equipment manufacturer that needs to provide a modern interface to your legacy machine? Contact us to discuss a custom hardware/software solution to meet your exact needs.

custom software development services data logging hmi scada application

HMI images courtesy of Open Automation Software

Custom HMI and SCADA Applications

Are you currently paying too much for your commercial HMI/SCADA software? Consider using a custom application from Automated Solutions that incorporates embedded drivers and eliminates the need for costly OPC.

Are you draining resources by trying to keep employees trained to support your off-the-shelf (COTS) software? We build software to meet your specific business requirements so that you can avoid lengthy and expensive training.

Looking to avoid separate installation, configuration and licensing of COTS software? Applications that use our integrated drivers do not require a separate installation step, are configured by your method of choice (hard coded, configuration file, database, etc.) and do not require license files or separate activation.

Interested in a custom project?

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