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.NET Component vs ActiveX Control Comparision Matrix

Automated Solutions offers two different lines of component driver products: .NET Component and ActiveX Control.

This table lists compatibility and capabilities of our component products and should help you choose the component technology that best meets your requirements.


= Supported

= Partially Supported (see note)

= Not Supported


ASComm.NET ActiveX Controls

Technology Platform



Application Compatibility

Windows Forms

  (32-bit only)





  (32-bit only)

Web Service

100% .NET Managed Code

Development Platforms


Visual C++ 6.0

VBA / MS Office

  (32-bit only)

Visual Studio .NET 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017

  (32-bit only)

Runtime OS Compatibility

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

  (Runs as 32-bit application under WOW64)

Linux with Mono framework

  (Windows Forms and Console Apps)

Build Targets

x86 (32-bit)

x64 (64-bit)

Any CPU (32 or 64-bit)


Single Component / Multiple Drivers

Design-time Configuration

Runtime Configuration

Design-time Serialization

Runtime Serialization

Tag Database

Tag Optimization

Data Change Events

Device Transaction Control


Your Code

Visual Design

Structured Data Support (Read/Write entire UDT/PDT)

Performance (Ethernet drivers)

Transaction Time (1 tag, measured*)

< 5 mSec

< 5 mSec

Transaction Time (10 symbolic tags, measured*)

< 5 mSec

~50 mSec

Transaction Time (50 discrete tags, measured*)

< 5 mSec

~250 mSec

Transaction Time (UDT/PDT with 10 fields, measured*)

< 5 mSec

~50 mSec

Tag Optimization

Development License

Full Development License (build on one PC, deploy to many PCs)

Single Machine License (build and run on single PC)

Runtime License


(for qualified applications, refer to License Agreement) (for qualified applications, refer to License Agreement)

* Your results may vary depending on network conditions, controller response time, etc.