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ASComm.NET Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Family & Micro800 Ethernet Driver

For Ethernet connectivity to A-B Logix family of controllers and NewMicro800 Control Systems from your .NET application.
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In addition to the options above, Team Edition pricing is available starting at two development seats. Contact Automated Solutions Sales for Team Edition pricing.


Product Summary

ASComm.NET Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Driver provides high-performance connectivity to A-B ControlLogix family and Micro800 Control Systems via Ethernet.

Use VB.NET, C#.NET, C++.NET, and ASP.NET to create HMI/SCADA applications using our runtime-free* .NET Component.

Allows your .NET application to read/write registers on ControlLogix family without PLC program modifications.

Powerful pre-built example applications with VB and C# source code included in development package.


Key Benefits

  • Does not require RSLinx or 3rd party drivers.
  • NewUnsolicited message support
  • x86, x64, and Any CPU compatible
  • Most .NET targets are supported, including Web, Windows, console, and service apps.
  • Can be configured programmatically or visually
  • Visually design your entire communications configuration without writing a single line of code
  • Read and write entire UDTs and PDTs, including arrays of UDT/PDT and nested UDTs
  • Extremely high performance - 5~10 mSec typical transaction time
  • Highly optimized to minimize communications transactions
  • Supports ControlLogix family native tag names including UDTs
  • Tag database can be configured via code or visual designer
  • Abstract base classes allow you to write generic code that works with all drivers
  • Synchronous and asynchronous read/write methods
  • Data change notifications
  • Provides common user interface across all driver classes
  • No limit on number of devices or data points
  • Multi-threaded for high data throughput
  • Includes extensive help system
  • Example applications with VB and C# source code included. 
  • Easily connect to your factory floor systems. 
  • No shipping charges for online delivery.
  • Immediate Internet delivery and online license activation.
  • No runtime fees or keys for qualified applications.


Hardware Compatibility

  • ControlLogix processors with 1756-ENET or 1756-ENBT module 
  • GuardLogix processors with 1756-ENET or 1756-ENBT module 
  • FlexLogix family with 1788-ENBT module
  • CompactLogix series 1769 with Ethernet port
  • CompactLogix series 1768 with 1768-ENBT Module
  • SoftLogix5800
  • NewMicro800 Control Systems with Ethernet port


Software Compatibility

  • Requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher
  • Visual Studio 2013
    • Professional Edition
    • Premium Edition
    • Ultimate Edition
  • Visual Studio 2012
    • Express Edition
    • Professional Edition
    • Premium Edition
    • Ultimate Edition
  • Visual Studio 2010
    • Express Edition
    • Professional Edition
    • Premium Edition
    • Ultimate Edition
  • Visual Studio 2008
    • Express Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Professional Edition
    • Team Edition
  • Visual Studio 2005
    • Express Edition
    • Standard Edition
    • Professional Edition
    • Team Edition


Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows XP SP3


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